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Effective December 2023

Weekend Masses

4:00 PM St. Mark


8:00 AM - St. Mark

9:00 AM - St. Mark December 3 Only)


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Welcome to the Parishes of Saint Mark & Saint Rose of Lima

Letter from Fr. Chris

Letter from Fr. Chris,

Last month I began a “Bridge Book Club” with members of my family.
We decided to read The Great Bridge by David MacCulloch, a book
which centers on the building of the Brooklyn Bridge. MacCulloch begins
by offering the reader an understanding of just how monumental a task it
was to build the bridge, and the opposition which was generated from peo-
ple during the planning process. Some believed that the bridge would in-
terfere with the commerce of the ships which needed to pass below, others
thought that the bridge would be too costly and proposed a tunnel instead,
still others doubted whether a bridge of that size could ever be built (and
questioned the wisdom of using of steel instead of iron cables).
I bring this up because last week during my homily I spoke about the
importance of having a plan of preparation in place for the season of Ad-
vent. Having a plan is important, but we must be aware of potential oppo-
sition which may arise in implementing a plan. I do not believe that other
people are going to tell us that prayer and reflection are not important dur-
ing the month of December. Instead, we must be aware of potential inter-
nal opposition. Those moments in our life when we become too busy and
tired and simply think that we can “skip a day,” or keep putting prayer off
throughout the course of the day and simply forget and fall asleep.
A bridge over the East River was discussed for almost one hundred
years before it was finally built. Plans were put in place, and when those
plans were critiqued, the head architect stood firm in his conviction that it
could be done because he understood the importance of the bridge and the
thought that went into the plan in the first place.
Let us continue throughout the season of Advent, always mindful of the
vigor and intentionality we had for our prayer life on that first Sunday of
the liturgical year and carry out plan as we await our savior on Christmas.

Giving Trees

Thek Giving Tree
St. Marks now up and ready for you to at 
take a card if you wish. This year, we will be sponsoring
two functions of the Pro-Life Office of the Diocese of Buf-
falo: Mother Teresa Home and the Gianna Molla Preg-
nancy Outreach Centers. These centers help pregnant
women and women with babies and young children.
We ask that you take a tag and return it attached to the
unwrapped gift. The office also asked if we could provide gift bags
and tissue paper. The mothers can then choose their familys things
and wrap them for under the tree. Both centers can always use all ba-
by products. Diapers/wipes, newborn clothing, formula, bibs & paci-
fiers, and toys. The mothers can always use gift cards.
Please return your donations by Sunday, December 11 for distribu-
tion to the different locations.
Thank you in advance for your generosity this holiday season.

St. Rose of Lima

t. Rose X-Mas Giving Tree
This year’s Giving Tree will be in the back of our
Church on November 6th. Tags with donations need to be
returned no later than December 4th. This year we will
be donating to families of need at Catholic Academy. They are in need of Gift Cards of your choice, any denomination. Example: Target, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Tops.etc.

Any questions please call Kathy Granelli at 548-3382 or SueTiranno at 481-8662.
Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Dear Friends,

Many congratulations and blessing to Dr. Timothy Haley, wife Melis-
sa, and their daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Tim was ordained on Sat-
urday, May 21st, at St. Josephs Cathedral as a Permanent Deacon. Dr.
Haley has studied and prepared for many years for this day. This is a
wonderful gift to our community! Deacon Tim will, hopefully, be serv-

In Christs love,

Fr. Joe
Led by our Shepherd & Pastor Fr. Dave Richards, the parishes of St. Mark and St. Rose of Lima serve the spiritual needs of Roman Catholics from North Buffalo and beyond. Linked since the Fall of 2010, the parishes operate independently, however over time, they are gelling into a North Buffalo Community of Faith. If you are seeking a place to find spiritual fulfillment, we encourage you to visit one of our parishes for a weekend mass. We believe you will find a vibrant community where all are welcome and where you will find yourself quickly at home.


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Our Mission

The parishes of St. Mark and St. Rose of Lima were linked together in the Fall of 2010, in accordance with the Journey in Faith & Grace. The parishes operate independently. although with a great deal (and increasing instances) of collaboration.

While some day the parish councils may come together to write a joint Mission Statement, it may be difficult to improve on the one that we can find in Matthew:

Going therefore, teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. And behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world. Mt. 28: 19-20.